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Received March 28th 2017

If you have already used your voucher or pledged it to a supplier for an installation please ignore this email.

Over the last few weeks both voucher holders and suppliers have requested that CDS extend the voucher scheme deadline beyond the end of March 31st. Given the continued level of demand we feel that it is only right that the deadline be extended for all voucher holders and suppliers. We are therefore moving the final deadline for this stage of the CDS voucher scheme to 30th June 2017.

By this date we would expect all installations to be completed. We hope that this extension will provide adequate time to complete all outstanding installations. This will be the final deadline of the scheme, we will not be issuing any further extensions so we would suggest voucher holders consider their options carefully and take a look at the coverage for their area shown on the CDS website.

Our phase two supplier Gigaclear has provided CDS with provisional details of the first five network areas that they anticipate beginning work on this summer. Build of these networks is dependent on a number of factors such as detailed surveys, securing wayleaves etc, and is subject to change; however, we would ask voucher holders to consider the merits of voucher installations to the areas where fibre overbuild could take place in as little as nine months’ time. The areas provisionally identified by Gigaclaear are:

  1. LOT 2 – Rooksbridge, Lympsham, Brean, Weare & Crickham
  2. LOT 3 – Roundham, Dowlish, Merriott (tbc), Over Stratton & Isle Abbotts
  3. LOT 5 – Corfe, Blagdon, Buckland St. Mary, Wadeford & Bradford on Tone
  4. LOT 6 – Yealmbridge, Noss Mayo, Newton Ferrers, Ashford & Aveton Gifford

You can check if your property falls within the rollout on the Gigaclear website; the network area name from the above list is given at the top of the screen if a property is in the build plan.

If there are any issues please do get in touch with broadbandvoucher-mailbox@devon.gov.uk

Kind regards, The CDS Team, Connecting Devon and Somerset Team

Received February 6th 2017

Message from Airband

Dear Eric,

A quick update to let you know that things are progressing well with the pole at Lower Farleigh and hopefully Bickleigh to be installed in the next couple of weeks. The mast at Stanborough Farm does not need a pole as it is barn mounted. Ahead of this we now have an order form up and running if anyone wants to place orders to be the first connected when the masts go live. We will still conduct a launch presentation meeting as well but one or two people had asked if they could place orders in advance.

You can access the order form as follows:

  1. Log into Airband at https://www.airband.co/
  2. Click ‘Home’
  3. Enter your postcode where it says ‘Can I get Airband?’
  4. Click the ‘order button.

Alternatively, you can go straight to the page on https://home.airband.co/project/halwell-moreleigh/

Recieved January 27th Qote/Proposal from Open Reach BT

20th January 2017
Dear Eric,
Gara Bridge XX (Moreleigh)
Thank you for asking Openreach to provide a quote to bring fibre broadband to Moreleigh which is currently serviced direct from Gara Bridge exchange and would need to be served by new infrastructure located in Moreleigh which would be known as Gara Bridge XX (Moreleigh).
The gap fund required for the provision of fibre broadband for the new infrastructure detailed above is:
Price (inc VAT)
This quote is subject to survey and confirmation of fibre capacity at the exchange prior to any formal contractual agreement with Openreach.

We will need a Legal Entity (e.g. Residents Group or Managing Agent/Developer) to contract with Openreach. We will require 50% of funding to be provided on contract signature; the remaining 50% is paid on completion of works and triggers the cabinet being available for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to offer service.

Early January 2017

News from Airband........Before Christmas our Site Expert Richard Blackmore visited all the potential transmitter sites to confirm suitability and made initial contact with the site owners. He reported that all the site owners seemed very positive. He plans to revisit as soon as possible in the next couple of weeks (he is tied up in North Wales this week) to deliver contracts and get the site owners signed up. As soon as this is completed we will construct the transmitters so all is moving forward quickly.

Once signed contracts are received we will make initial contact with all the people interested in superfast broadband so individuals are aware what is happening and can also place early orders to be connected right away, as soon as the transmitters become live. When the transmitters are built, we will also follow this up with a presentation for all interested so we can answer any questions posed and we will be able to take further orders as required.

Wed 8th November

There has now been a project page created on the Airband website for Halwell & Moreleigh.

A resident now can enter their postcode into our coverage checker on the homepage or found here: https://home.airband.co/coverage/, they will be presented with a Halwell & Moreleigh community page where they can register their interest in the project. Registering does not commit you to anything yet.

Registering your interest is really important, by doing so, Airband can determine the level of demand in the area and once registrations reach a certain level, the build and deployment of the network can begin. So spread the word.

Any queries or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,
Lauren Davies
Airband Community Internet

01905 676121 e: office@air-band.net

Update 28th October 2016

Letter from Denys Treeby Chairman Halwell & Moreleigh Parish Council - October 2016

As you have expressed an interest in getting faster broadband I am writing to give you an update on the progress to bring Superfast Broadband to our Parish.

In August, following discussions with Connecting Devon & Somerset (CDS) we were advised to carry out a survey to determine the interest in Superfast Broadband.

Over 180 households in the Parish were contacted and 120 responded expressing an interest of which almost 90 said they had a business need too.

The results of our survey went to CDS who advised that the company best placed to provide Superfast Broadband in the short term was a company called Airband who use wireless to make the connection.

We also met with BT who confirmed that our Parish had been excluded from Phase 1 of broadband provision in Devon but they may be able to provide something in the future but would not be able to give any further information until the end of this year.

Our discussions with Airband confirmed their interest in providing the service and if 90 of the household who had expressed an interest successfully applied for a CDS Voucher they would provide the infrastructure and make the connections to the properties at no cost. It should be noted that the latest date to apply for a voucher is 30 November 2106. Users would have to contract with Airband individually and pay a monthly rental of about £30/ month, which is comparable with other providers, and would provide a download speed of 30Mps. The duration of the contract would be 2 years.

To date only 45 households in our Parish have vouchers approved well short of the 90 required and the 120 originally expressing interest. So please encourage you friends and neighbours to apply for a voucher. There is no commitment in doing so.

Without more people applying for vouchers and being prepared to contract with Airband we cannot proceed with Airband and an early provision of High Speed Broadband.

A further complication is that the Vouchers have an expiry date of March 2017.

In 2017 new contractors will have been appointed by CDS but unless there is sufficient interest in our community we will again be bypassed.

You should now have received an e-mail from CDS which list the various broadband providers operating in the south west, but most do not cover our area.

The conclusion is that if you want high speed broadband now then satellite is probably the option until better alternatives are available. You can use your voucher towards the cost and contract with one of the suppliers listed. For us to get a wireless provision now it does need about 90 households to be willing to contract to make the installation of a wireless system commercially viable for the provider.

It is now for each household to decide whether to do something now or wait.

We will work to try to get a commitment from BT and speak to other contractors when they are appointed. Please send your email address to piphallett@gmail.com so that we can keep you informed of progress by email.


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Pip Hallett (01548 821122)

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